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Furry Does Not Equal Yiff by LightLoveAngel Furry Does Not Equal Yiff by LightLoveAngel

I consider myself a part of the furry fandom. I like to draw furries, I like furry art and I'd even dress up as a furry if I could get a fursuit! Mostly because it seems like fun to do, run around in the park like a dork or entertain my kids when I have them.
But since I don't know the official/definite term of 'furry' I'll call myself one as I see it as someone who's a fan of animal anthropomorphism, innocent or not.
I made this stamp because I HATE how people think all furries yiff, which I'm sure most do not. If you're a yiffer, I could care less, that's your choice and your enjoyment and I'm not going to stop you, or would want to, as long as you keep it to yourself/a potential partner/someone who you know is interested. (And I hope it doesn't involve molesting animals because man that's not right.) What I want to stop is prejudice and sweeping generalizations.
If you don't like furries that's fine, just as long as you're not rude about it. :shrug: (IE: You go out of your way to shame those who claim to be a furry, or send drama/negative attention to them on purpose. But posting in your own little area or an area that agrees with your opinion is fine.)
I'm a furry and I don't yiff, I think it's weird.
And I'm sure there's a lot of other furries like that.

Oh, and this isn't exactly a Anti-Yiff stamp, or Anti-Furry. It's more of a Anti-Furry-Stereotype.
[link] <-- Wikipedia for any of you who want to read up on it, I feel that it best describes furries.

Comments disabled. If you agree with it? Great, post it on your profile, share it, whatever. Don't agree? That's fine. However, I don't want to hear about it.
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January 26, 2011
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